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Welcome to 0m.studio

We build fast, clear websites and mobile apps for demanding companies.

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13m ago

Hey there πŸ‘‹

I'm seeking a team to collaborate on my project. Could you tell me more about you?

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12m ago


We are a duo of freelance software engineer friends.

We believe in keeping things straightforward, no unnecessary formalities, and definitely no fluff.

Our strength lies in providing tailor-made services with a focus on expertise and transparency.

Have a look at some of our projects:

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10m ago

I appreciate the straightforward approach. But how can I trust you?

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8m ago

Trust is the cornerstone for us.

We believe in being transparent about what we can do.

To prove it to you, let’s be clear.

We will not say we are the best: we are not.

We do not write perfect software: perfection is highly subjective and elusive.

We're all about delivering value that speaks for itself.

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7m ago

I like the mindset.

I might have more questions later. How can I reach out?

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5m ago

Drop us a line at [email protected] anytime.

We're here to chat, answer your questions, and explore the possibilities of working together.

Who are we?

How do we charge?

We are usually charging per project, but we are open to time based contracting if it suits your needs better.

Charging per project enables more relaxed missions. You do not need to worry about the final price, because you already know it from the start.

Of course, we could not do that accross several month-long projects. That is why we try to break down projects in manageable pieces.

What's our tech stack?

We are firm believers in the React Ecosystem. That is why our favorite tools are Next.js and React Native.

We use AWS as our cloud provider, and use their services extensively.

And all of this is powered by TypeScript

Are you open to business development partners?

Yes. We would be happy to share the project's revenue with you if you refer clients to us.


We would like to thank:
Endless from whom we took UI elements.
Josh Comeau from whom we took the hand-drawn SVG annotations

Let's build something great

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2m ago